Avid Coffee Co.

About Us

We are a roasted coffee distributor with two passions:
Great Coffee and Greater Purpose.

Ten years ago, roaster and co-founder Matthew McKenzie started a job for a large coffee corporation. He was fortunate enough to be trained and mentored by someone who truly had a passion for not only coffee but the farmers who grow it. After four years of working for the coffee “man” and developing his own passion for coffee, he left to work hands-on with farmers in China. It was here where he first worked alongside co-founder Jeff George. Matthew came back with an overwhelming heart for farmers and farming communities across the globe.

Our roasted coffee is grown by the same farmers that we hope to impact physically, economically, and spiritually. Our primary goal is impact, not profit. So that we might reach the marginalized, we are committed to giving an ever-increasing margin of our sales to this pursuit. Rather than saying that we'll give money when we make money, we are committed to giving personally and professionally toward this goal from the beginning. We want to be constantly communicating and sharing our favorite avenues for giving back, so that you will know how your purchases are making an impact. Currently, we are working to build our partnership with OneLife. It is our hope that you will join us in praying for, giving to, and serving these peoples.

We are currently looking for strategic partnerships among coffee growing communities!
Current partners:
Socii Coffee
Urban Dwellers Coffee

Contact us if you have any leads, thoughts, or questions!

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